Today, the number of cars bought, especially new cars, starts to fall for a number of reasons. Firstly, for many people, it is easier to rent or buy an apartment next to their office, and save time and money walking to the office and back, instead of driving through the whole city, or from the suburbs.

Secondly, many people consider buying a used car; the market of used cars is huge today, and it is totally possible to find a decent option for sound money, instead of wasting tons of money on a brand new automobile.

Thirdly, younger people no longer consider automobile as a sign of prestige. They have different priorities, and driving an own vehicle is no longer included by many of them. In addition, those who love traveling prefer to be taken by the driver to the airport or railways station, because it is easier and cheaper. On the place of destination, they can simply rent a vehicle, and then leave it. As for commuting, it makes sense for them to just take a taxi.

Fourthly, global pollution is a major problem for all countries, and many of them are pretty conscious about methods to decrease pollution in cities. So the authorities support numerous initiatives on cycling, walking, and using other means of transportation. People sell cars and buy bicycles or hybrid motorcycles.

As a result, many countries see a considerable drop in automobile sales rates. For many of them, this is a problem, since the automobile industry brings a lot of revenue and also taxes. In the UK, 1,6 percent of new vehicle registration dropdown was reported, and the car industry confirms a massive decrease in general demand for diesel vehicles. This is not the first months that shows decrease; in fact, Britain views this trend for already the fifth month.

Keeping in mind all the trends discussed above, the government and the automobile industry want to boost the sales by offering cleaner cars and want to stimulate the customers to invest in cleaner and newer vehicles. If they succeed in providing a real improvement in technologies, perhaps they will be able to attract younger buyers who are concerned about environmental pollution. If not, which is a highly probable scenario, Britain will have to reconsider its strategy on transportation and automobile industry in general.

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