Paul Lock is an artist who started to create with a brush six years ago. Already now, he has his debut solo exhibition at the Noho Showrooms where he presents several of his artworks. It is possible to say that they attract the viewer and fascinate the imagination. It is difficult to understand what is special about them at the first onset, but finally, everyone finds something unique and unusual for oneself.

The artworks represent several famous people and the most vivid issue about them is that they show the truth. The unique approach to represent portraits with a face-mapping technique shows not only the person oneself but also the characteristic features of him or her or even the character and the impression that this person created in the relation to other or in relation to art.

The artist succeeded to transfer this information with the use of strokes and color. Short strokes make the viewer be more attentive to the picture as a whole and to various details in particular. It gives the artist a possibility to have the viewer spend more time in front of the picture and develop his or her own thoughts and ideas about it. Nevertheless, any impression that the picture succeeded to create in a person is already a success for the artist.

Lock also comments his paintings and states that he is trying to create a harmony between the color and creating the mark. According to him, each stroke has its own place and meaning for the whole picture. Even when there is a mistake or something that was made unintentionally, it contributes to creating the foundation for something new and unique. Such an approach makes it possible to have a fresh view of the things that were made earlier and that often are considered as mistakes.

In that way, it is possible to state that mistakes play an essential role in the art process. Lock considers them not as something bad but as a possibility to make an improvement or even to create new material on their basis. For a self-taught artist, it is a great achievement as he simply ignores possible vulnerability and insecurity of his situation and transforms them into benefits.

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