The advertisement is one of the most guaranteed ways to get traffic today. Such giants as Google, Facebook, and other search engines and social media platforms, constantly change their algorithms and make reaching the potential customers unpredictable. They generally push the trends to paid ads. On the other hand, these media have always been used mostly for organic traffic, and the businesses and entrepreneurs are not particularly happy about the changes.

Even by employing smart SEO in search engines, a company can waste months before its website becomes high ranking, and when the search engine changes the rules again, the traffic will immediately drop. With social networks, the situation is generally the same. The company can for months work with their audience, build content and attract organic traffic, only to find out at the end of the day that the platform changes the rules and now all subscribers just do not see the company’s content without special settings people never bother to set.

That is why advertising became a godsend for many. And still, a lot of companies want to find other platforms and ways of reaching their potential clients, except FB and Google. As a result, they seek different websites that enjoy the same popularity, but a new sector of users. Reddit is one of those websites. It earns on ads and provides a special type of content lots of people enjoy. So, a business can launch their ads on Reddit and attract new visitors.

The Reddit ads revenue is pretty impressive, however, it has launched a new type of ads on its platform recently, to attract new investors. Cost-per-click ads is not a new thing; actually, it has been on the market for about 20 years now. So, Reddit is claimed to be a little late with this move. However, it means that the platform has done well enough without this type of offer. And today, the owners plan to build even stronger platform and provide more direct interaction between the users and the advertisement providers.

Cost per click is not a source of huge incomes per order, however, this type of revenue is more stable and predictable. So, little surprise that a powerful website decided to increase their income streams even more. This gives a hint to some younger resources to follow the example and look for additional ways to earn money.

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