you wish that your social media security is so future proof and well protected
in encrypted security layers that if a hacker ever tries to enter into your
private files, it just gets backfired on them?

live in a day and age where cybersecurity has become a major concern. Right
after the great debacle of Cambridge Analytica, it has shocked many to the core
that nothing is safe on the Internet.

social media.

nowadays have found countless new & innovative ways to hack into your
social media profiles and extract valuable personal information such as your
pictures, videos, and messages. They can even hijack your social profiles and
perform identity theft when you are inactive or not using them.

you can’t keep yourself present constantly online 24/7, the only way you can save
yourself is by taking adequate security measures. Here are five ways how you
can keep your social media safe.

you certainly don’t want to fall victim to an anonymous hacker, do you?

read on.

Tip # 1: Don’t Use “Easy to Crack”

first tip of the day is to avoid using weak passwords for your social media

you know there are some people who use passwords as easy as 12345678?

friend of mine who is working as an ethical hacker at a confidential firm
revealed this information. What was more interesting was the number of people
found using such password protection.

you’re someone who is using such an easy password, then there’s a high chance
that you are the first one to easily fall victim to these modern-day hackers
and get your social media profile hacked.

first things first, get your weak password changed in a better and stronger

creating a password, make sure that it is alphanumeric and contains
uppercase/lowercase letters. It is a very basic practice in the online world
that will ensure that your profile gets unhackable.

even novices can use brute force techniques to guess passwords in words &

Tip # 2: Choose a Difficult Answer for your
Security Question?

interesting way how a hacker can penetrate into your social profile is by
guessing the security question which you have kept for your profile protection.
They do it by performing social engineering.

simply visiting your profile and following your public posts, they can identify
what your security question can be. For example, if you have a pet then you
certainly love to post its photos and videos on your social media profile. You
may sometime forget important names and security pin codes, but what you can’t
forget is your pet’s name. Hackers usually cash upon this element to hack your

security questions are like, “What is your pet name?” or “where did you go for

information is commonly present on your social profile and by going through it
once, the hacker equips itself with the right knowledge to hack into your
social profile and extract your information.

there are two things that you can do.

Don’t keep your personal information so openly on social media
platforms Or choose a much better and powerful security question & answer to
stay safe

choice is yours.

Tip # 3: Avoid Clicking on Suspicious Links
on the Platform

of times, when we are scrolling through our Live Feeds, we come across certain
enticing offers only to realize that the offer on which we have clicked takes
us to a very stupid and useless website.

was the website designer stupid to create such a stupid website and publish it
on social media?

do you think?

probably because this is a phishing scam through which the hacker is trying to
collect info.

clicking on that interesting offer, you’ve just ended up exposing yourself to
the hacker.

will now have access to your personal information, and may even access your
profiles to change your privacy settings, steal your images/videos, and then
later use this information to blackmail you.

it is best advised that you don’t click on any such suspicious-looking links or
offers online.

if you see any such link recommended or posted by a friend of yours. You may
think it is an act of effective networking through
social media, but it is definitely not. So make sure you don’t click!

a mental note if you have to, but just DON’T CLICK!

Tip # 4: Don’t Log Into Your Social Media
Accounts From Cafes/Universities

One of the worst mistakes which we often commit unknowingly is that we log into social media profiles through entrusted public computer systems. These can be computers at cafes/universities.

a bit of advice, don’t do that. Public systems are prone to get hacked by
professional hackers.

usually use these public computer systems as nodes to perform different hacking

install keylogger software on these public PC setups to track the keystrokes
performed. A keylogger software stores information on keystrokes in a small
file that can be accessed later on.

may automate them to send these log files to their email accounts once the
person logs out.

if you ever plan on logging in to a public PC setup, doublethink before you log
in with social media.

Tip # 5: Remove Stored Cookies From Your
Browsers Every Now and Then

cookies might make social profile log-ins more user friendly, but if your
browser data falls into the wrong hand, then you can immensely suffer some
great setbacks such as risking passwords.

sounds scary, doesn’t it? Well, it’s how it is.

you don’t remove cookies from your browsers too often, some professional
hackers are so talented that they can easily pull out your password from the
saved cookie data just using the right knowledge.

best thing to do here is not to opt-in for the “Remember Password” option.

may become easier for you to log-in the next time, but at the risk of making
your account vulnerable.

take the risk. It’s best to keep your memory sharp and remember passwords

Summing things up

your social profiles safe is a priority concern, one that must be governed at
all times. If you are not taking the best safety precautions to keep your
social media accounts safe, you’re risking your personal information and hence,
the very lives you live. Just imagine if your personal info falls into the
wrong hands? How unattractive it will be if you’ve to pay a ransom on a monthly
basis to stay secure.

become a victim! Follow some basic practices to make sure you stay safe.

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