It is getting scary out there.

Who could’ve thought that an
insignificant virus that started spreading in the Wuhan district of China will
slowly consume the entire world? But now, it has engulfed the whole world in
its devastating grasp.

The COVID-19 has spread worldwide
and has forced almost the entire world to go into lockdown.

People all around the world have put
themselves in self-quarantine and the roads are now completely deserted. Amid
the havoc, marketers are working hard to adjust their SEO strategies in order
to make businesses survive. They now understand COVID-19’s impact on the search
interest of the average user. And in the wake of doing so, it is essential to
understand what kind of questions people can ask on Google Search. What can be
their daily queries and how they are going to approach us.

There are just so many newer dimensions in which COVID-19 has funneled SEO marketers.

Essential vs. the Non-Essential

Now when it comes to the market,
there are two kinds of retail markets. There is one that sells the essential
goods and may comprise of the grocers, drugstores and general merchandisers.
And then there is one that sells non-essential goods such as apparel, home
goods, and other luxury items.

While the businesses of those who
are in the essential good market have seen positive growth on the Internet,
businesses that fall in the non-essential category have seen a significant

So if you fall into the category of an essential good market, then your business might be running casually. However, if you do fall in the non-essential category, then it is important that you make use of the COVID 19. If you don’t want to fall short in the rat race, it’s time to publish content using the COVID 19 aspect as an integral part of your content marketing strategy.

When it comes to publishing COVID 19
content on your website, you can’t just cash the pandemic to favor your
business strategies. You need to make sure that you’re using the term

When doing so, ask the following

Is the content which you’re about to publish on the
Internet using COVID 19 relevant to your target market? Will targeting coronavirus keyword will have a positive
impact on your business or a negative one? Will it be ethical to use the COVID 19 keyword search
phrase as part of your content on the Internet?

As much as the idea of cashing the
website traffic searching for COVID 19 is lucrative, it is also important to
understand the impact such content can create on the image of your brand.

Should One Proceed with SEO Marketing?

The answer is simple. Base your
content around questions that are more commonly asked by people on Google
related to COVID 19. People are getting anxious every day; their saved up
incomes are running low. The world economy just might collapse and amid the
chaos, you must find questions related to COVID 19 that will complement their
search intent. At the same time, you’ve to strategize how you’re going to sell
your product/service as well. So it’s a double-edged sword that you have to
deal with.

Some of the questions that are more
commonly searched than others are “how did the coronavirus spread” or “how did
the coronavirus begin.” By basing your content around such questions, there’s a
strong chance that you can grab the attention of your visitors and then pitch
your offer to them.

Coronavirus Keyword Research

The easiest way to perform your
coronavirus research is to find out questions surrounding coronavirus keyword.
And to do so, you can use just about any keyword research tool which you’ve
already been using. In our case, we usually use AHREFs to perform our keyword

The idea is to find keywords that
are most relevant to your audience. Then you have to find what specific twist you
can give to that keyword in your content so it can complement your own

For example, if you’re a B2B
business, then you can ask a question such as…

Does Coronavirus Mean for B2B Business Owners?

If you’re working in the medical
industry, then a question like,

How Are
Medicare institutions Making the Best Use of COVID 19 Outbreak?

And if you’re just a digital
marketing agency like we are, then a question like,

Marketing Strategies Can Work Wonders Amid the Coronavirus?

It can work incredibly well for your
search audience.

So when you cover these topics, you
can add some more important search terms that can create the bulk of your
content. For example, you can introduce the element of how COVID-19 originated
and how it is so widely spread across the world. While picking your favorite
keywords, just make sure that you double-check the search volume and the
keyword difficulty. Keywords or key-phrases with higher search volumes and
strong competition will be relatively hard to rank compared to the easier ones.

Research on Your Target Audience

Before you decide on performing your
research on the important questions to search, you should first understand who
your target audience is. Consider your audience and learn what kind of content
they are searching on the Internet.

Now, if you’re wondering how you can
carry out such research, then I have a very easy way.

How about you ask the people
yourself? If you have an active Facebook fan following or you have an email
list of subscribers, or you’re very active on Quora or Reddit, just send them
questions that will help you decide what content will the best results.

Believe me; your audience can be the
perfect source of giving you the insight you desperately require. Engage with
them, learn from them and then use that information to retarget them and sell

Lastly, Create a Coronavirus Page for Your Business

Last but not least, create a dedicated page for coronavirus to help create awareness. It can cover all the coronavirus related questions and can serve as a pillar post through which you can market your other content. Bear in mind that your pillar post shouldn’t be focused on marketing your brand. Instead, it should be solely focused on creating awareness and helping people out at the hour of their need. If you can add some other value to your audiences, such as a free giveaway or tutorial courses, it will contribute to your overall marketing strategy. Interlink your services within that pillar post and see if it converts your visitors. Use a mix of short-tail and long-tail keywords that are already ranking.

Add more contextual internal links
as you see that your content has started rising in the SERP.

So that’s all folks, here’s
everything I have to share with you on how to perform SEO on questions that can
complement your COVID 19 marketing strategy. Stay tuned as I will soon be
publishing more content.

Until next time.

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