Do you have a friend who has fetish for clean hands?

He keeps a hand sanitizer with him all the time and often refuses
to shake hands with people.

He’s so germophobic that he doesn’t even touch buttons to call the
elevator (he uses a stick to press the button).

Whether you have such a friend or not there’s one really famous guy
who is obsessed hygiene.

The name of that obsessive man is Donald trump, the man runs away
when it comes to shaking hands with people. The New York Times labeled this habit
as a “barbaric ritual.”

Regardless of your grudges against him, Donald Trump is a genuine
success story. Firstly, he is the frickin’ POTUS. He’s  won the “Gaming Hall of Fame Award ” and served
his time at WWF and the net worth of this guy is $3.5B.

Have you ever wondered how people like Donald Trump become highly-successful?

To become successful is a choice. It is about good personal
habits. Habits determine 95% of an individual’s success.

Your success depends upon the good personal habits that
you’ve formed over the past few years.

Some habits might sound laughable, but if they helped them hit
the motherlode, then there’s no harm in trying out some of these insane habits.

How do you cope-up with writer’s block?

A walk. Steaming cup of coffee. Or go out for an outdoor adventure.

Dan Brown fights creative block by hanging upside down. According
to Dan doing the bat trick helps him relax and help him to solve plot

Whenever Mr. Brown gets stuck with his plot, he takes his gravity boots
and hangs upside down for a few minutes.

As silly as it sounds, this is one of Dan’s good personal habits that you can adopt to get out of the rut and take your creativity to a whole new level. And don’t compromise on the quality of the shoes. We don’t want you to slip out of the shoes and fall from grace.

Dr. Seuss – The guy who owns 300 hats

Edward de Bono talks about the six thinking hats. Whenever you need to think differently, change your hat. Dr. Seuss lived his advice about the whole life. Those have had the opportunity to have a sneak peek inside his closet will witnessed around 300 hats. Whenever Dr. Seuss was faced with writer’s block, he reached his cabinet and pulled out a fatuous hat to inspire himself. His whimsical habits helped him to create the masterpiece “The Cat in the Hat” other mind-bogglingly fantastic pieces of work for children.

Michael Jordan – the Double

In the year 1982, Michael Jordan scored the winning short for
his college team. From then onwards his journey to stardom marveled sports
enthusiasts and critics alike. From that day onwards the NBA star wore UNC
shorts under his Chicago Bulls uniform as a good luck charm. As time passed – Jordan changed his midthigh shorts to longer shorts. The guy won
the NBA championship six-time, earned MVP status five
times, and merited his place on the Basketball Hall of Fame.

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Serena Williams – Ties
her shoelaces in a specific way

She is a feisty one on the court. Give her a crippled racket, and she will still destroy you. Yes. We are talking none other than Serena Williams. With a record-breaking number of Grand Slams under her name, the tennis warrior carries out several pre-performance and on-court rituals. One of these rituals is to tie her shoelaces in a specific way. She wears the same pair of socks throughout one tournament. Bounces the ball five times before she serves for the first time and twice on her second serve.

Barack Obama – Skipped
the Hoops & Lost Big Time

A big fan of basketball Barack Obama plays basketball whenever his schedule allows him, and especially on election day. During his 2008 election, he skipped the hoops ritual and lost big time. Since then, Barack Obama takes out time to refresh his mind with basketball. In the 2008 primaries, the former president followed his ritual and won the presidency.

Ellen DeGeneres – Throw
& Catching Mint with Mouth

Ellen DeGeneres in her daytime talk show catches a mint with her
mouth before the opening monologue of the show. No, she is not sick. Ellen has
won twenty-eight Daytime Emmy Awards till date. To elaborate her habit,
DeGeneres says that
minty fresh breath in her mouth keeps her motivated
throughout the show.

Heidi Klum – Lucky Bag of

Heidi Klum, Supermodel and TV
star has been known
to carry a childhood memento as a good luck charm. A small pouch of baby teeth which
she takes in everywhere she goes. Klum has recalled dropping her bag on an
airplane and having to explain that she was
looking for her teeth on the floor.

Is there anything that you carry as a good luck charm? Maybe you should start carrying one from now onwards.

Yoshiro Nakamatsu – Near Death

Nakamatsu dives underwater and claims his best ideas come to him
when he is “0.5 seconds before death.”

Mr. Yoshiro Nakamatsu is the brain behind 3,000 inventions,
including floppy disk.

Of course, I don’t recommend any such habit, but I am a firm believer of moving away from your comfort zone. The best ideas come when either we are relaxed or when we are under tremendous pressure.

Being a ravenous reader, it is my dream to die surrounded by books. At least people will think that I died while reading or drowned in a book-sand. Being around books makes me feel energized. Which is why I write best when there are many books around me.

What is the most insane habit that is doing wonders for you? Hit me
back with your habits no matter how bizarre or outlandish they might be. Who
knows maybe they would work for our readers as well.

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