Out of many other
announcements, Mark Zuckerberg made one very critical annunciation in F8 conference, May 2019.
“We’re doing a complete makeover for Facebook. The new update code-named
FB5 will be cleaner, faster, and centered around Facebook groups.”

The new look is here and has eliminated
the less vibrant blue that we’ve been accustomed to for a decade.

Thank GOD! I was fed-up with this blue.

If you’ve been using Facebook
messenger, the white-themed design is a little glimpse of FB’s new look.

As it turns out, this is the most significant update in the 15-year history of Facebook.

The new Facebook changes will give users more control
over the way they share news, message friends, or interact with friends in a
group. The rumor that Mark planned to integrate all the messaging apps: WhatsApp,
Messenger, and even Instagram in one app is now a reality. The new Facebook design
is a departure from the old blues design.

Here is a list of updates done in the new Facebook Redesign: Facebook
Groups UpgradesDate
your Crush with Secret CrushMake
new friends. Sell
on the marketplace.A
New Events TabWe develop mobile apps that work perfectly. Need one?

Facebook Group Upgrades

Groups tab redesigned: To make the discovery easy, the Facebook groups tab will
show personalized activity across all the groups. The new tool will help users
explore groups that interest them. Explore interest based-groups: Your interests from Marketplace, Gaming tab will be
gathered, and relevant groups will be proposed to you. In your newsfeed, you’ll
see content from your groups, and you can share content from groups to your
profile just like you do usual sharing. More emphasis on supporting communities: For instance, in the Jobs group, an employer
can use a template to post jobs, and people can directly apply from there. In
health groups, people can post questions anonymously by informing the admin. Gamers
in their relevant groups can start threads on related topics. As a kind gesture
to support Startups and Entrepreneurs, customers can ask questions directly
from Facebook Live and place their order without leaving the live
broadcast.  Date your Crush Secretly with Facebook Dating

Dan Cupid’s role, now Facebook will help you find potential matches with Secret
Crush. Currently, the feature is available in Colombia, Thailand, Canada,
Argentina, Mexico, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Laos, Brazil,
Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay, Guyana, and Suriname.What
you have to do is to choose 9 of your friends whom you have a crush on. With an
advanced algorithm, Facebook Dating will match your interests with the
potential someone. If you’re in luck and your crush has also added you in their
crush list, there will be a match made in heaven. The
best part is that no one will ever know whom you’ve added in the Secret Crush
list. So, even if your friend hasn’t added you on the list, they’ll never know
it. Make New Friends

With a ‘Meet
New Friends’ feature, you’ll able to connect with people who share the same
community, school, workplace, or city. It’s an opt-in feature which means
you’ll only see people who are looking to meet new friends. With this feature,
Facebook Groups will open an enormous amount of opportunity to connect with
friends who have common interests with you.

on the Marketplace

This is one really useful feature for Startups, Small
business owners and entrepreneurs. It allows them to sell their products on the
Marketplace anywhere in the US and customers purchase directly from Facebook. For sellers, it’s easy to reach a huge number of customers and provide them with
a platform that offers secure monetary transactions. Of course, people will be
inclined to use the Marketplace because they’ll be more confident that the
payment solution is secured and backed by Facebook.

A New Events Tab

No need to search for events near you. Now, you’ll get
all the recommendations within the Events tab. Discover exciting events and invite
your friends who’ll be interested in attending the event with you.

Facebook New
Updates in 12 minutes

What About Privacy?

The new changes in privacy may
create other issues. Closed groups and encrypted services will make it more challenging
to identify and root out dangerous or abusive behavior, Mr. Zuckerberg said,
though he added that the company’s automated systems had ways of detecting
illicit activities – like examining traffic patterns – without scanning the
content of private messages.

We are all well-aware of the
Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal. Moreover, after Netflix’s much-talked-about
‘The Great Hack’ it’s quite understandable if people find it hard to trust
Facebook with anything else.

Do you like the upcoming
changes? Lemme know what you have to say about the changes Facebook is
introducing. Is it a gimmick or will it actually something you’d want?

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