Americans for the Arts is pleased to announce its newest tool in the arts education field: The 12 Core Competencies of an Arts Education Leader. This landmark research offers the field direction in fostering new ways to envision professional development for arts education leaders.

This leadership framework was developed utilizing four years of in-the-field research under the direction of Arts Education Program Manager Jeff M. Poulin. The intended goal of this tool is to help arts education supporters understand the aptitudes, skills, practices, and commitments which drive professional learning for leaders in the field of arts education.

Beginning in 2019, the framework underpins curricula utilized by the facilitators in the Arts Education Speakers Bureau. With trainings around the nation, the new Arts Education Leadership Curriculum serves as the core training material for the professional development of arts education supporters to become effective leaders in their communities, states, and the nation. The intended outcome for the curriculum is for participants to increase competencies as arts education leaders and to reflect on their demonstrated aptitudes, skills, practices, and commitments in their work to ultimately improve their ability to lead efforts towards equitable access to arts education for America’s learners. 

Learn more and download this tool here. 

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